Question and Answers About Selling Your House


You Have Questions, About Selling Your House...

We Have Answers...

We Buy Houses Direct

We buy houses ALL CASH in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area. We pay all normal closing costs and close the transaction on your schedule. All of our offers are backed by cash in the bank.

Why Sell Your House to Us?

We are a locally owned company. We are not a franchise. The person that views your house will have the authority to make an on the spot decision.

We are not a lead generating site that sells your information to other investors. All information provided by you is kept strictly confidential.

Our purchases are "CASH SALES". There are many ways an investor can structure a contract to purchase, or control, your home without actually paying off your loan, or paying you for your equity at closing. When we purchase your home we pay any existing loans in full with certified funds. The payoff on any loan you may have is sent to your lender by FED-EX the same day of the closing. You receive your funds at closing also by certified funds.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Company


How do you work?
If we can agree on a price, we simply pay you with certified funds when you are ready to hand over the keys to your home.

When you purchase, "As-Is", what does that mean?
We are purchasing the home in its current condition.



How fast can we close?
We can close faster than you can move. We close when you are ready, and on your schedule

How do I know my loan is really paid off?
All loans are paid off with certified funds next day by Federal Express courier.

Do I have to move immediately?

When we sign the contract to purchase your house, we can set a move out date that works best for you.


How are we different from other investors?
We close when we say we are going to close, our offer is more than our competition and we pay with certified funds.




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